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Family: Asteraceae
Scientific name: Darwiniothamnus tenuifolius var. tenuifolius (Hook. f.) Harling
Common name: -
Specific site: Parochial Government of Floreana in Floreana
Zone: Árida      Substratum: Arenoso
Project: Restauración ecológica / Urban restoration
Treatment: Groasis_Hidrogel      Control: 11336      Date of sown: 09/10/2019
Darwiniothamnus tenuifolius var. tenuifolius
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Registry Date Height Growth Growth rate Total growth
1 09/10/2019 8.00 cm 0.00 cm 0.0000 cm/day 0.00 cm
2 21/09/2020 8.00 cm 0.00 cm 0.0000 cm/day 0.00 cm

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